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We are excited to be meeting you in person soon.

On Sabbath, July 3rd, we will begin our first onsite services with no COVID-19 restrictions since March 7, 2020!

That means:

1. No pre-registration.

2. The usual entrances and exits, the mother’s room, and the drinking fountains are available for use.

3. Masking and 2 meter distancing are optional:

A designated masked and distanced seating area will be available during the worship service based on demand. Look for the blue “RESERVED” signs to identify this area and do not sit in pews marked “RESERVED.”

4. Hand sanitizing stations will still be available. Practice good hand hygiene.

5. The online worship experience will continue on YouTube.

6. We still need to follow the laws for suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19. If you or your children are contagious with something else like the cold, flu, etc., please stay home and participate online so that we do not give each other illnesses and COVID-like symptoms.

7. Our final online Sabbath School will be on Sabbath, July 3. Sabbath School will resume onsite-only on Sabbath, July 24.

8. Prayer Meeting will resume onsite after camp meeting on Wednesday, July 21 with an option to join via Zoom.

9. The church building will be open on July 10 and 17 for those who wish to view the camp meeting Sabbath morning services on the big screen.

10. Potluck, Bible class, and other gatherings may resume onsite in the coming weeks.

11. This newsletter will continue to have the latest and best information about our programs and activities. Please call the church office at 780-420-0215 or email ecsdacoffice@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns.


“We who are strong ought to bear with the scruples of the weak, and not just please ourselves” (Romans 15:1).

Because our exposures to health risks and perceptions of them vary, as a loving church family, we will respectfully accommodate differences in personal pandemic prevention practice during reopening.


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