Livestream & Online Services

Due to COVID-19, we have moved some of our services online. 

Adult Sabbath school via ZOOM @ 10:00 AM Saturdays

Youth & Young Adults Sabbath school via ZOOM @ 10:00 AM Saturdays

Children’s Sabbath School via YouTube @ 10:00 AM Saturdays

Prayer Meetings on Wednesday via ZOOM 

Youth & Young Adults Power UP via ZOOM @ 6:00 PM on Wednesdays

Worship Services Onsite and also Livestream on YouTube @ 11:00 AM on Saturdays 

Worship Experience Starts @11:30 AM

at the Church and also Live on Youtube – Every Sabbath (Saturday) @ 11:30 AM.

Children Sabbath School Starts @ 10:30 AM

Upcoming – Premieres every Sabbath (Saturday) @ 9:30 AM.

Adults, Youth & Young Adults Sabbath School Starts @ 10:00 AM

Join us every Sabbath (Saturday) via Zoom

The ZOOM line for Sabbath School study will open at 10:00 AM prompt. There will be breakout into 3 or more online groups via the ZOOM Tool. You just have to dial in and the moderator will re-route you. The study groups will include French, Ethiopian, and a couple of English classes. You are free to join any study Group.