How We Got Here

The Edmonton Central Adventist Church has been in existence for over 5 decades starting with a handful of energetic men and women. 

After several years of worship, the membership count grew to a population of 250 adults. The use of the then rented church building became a challenge each Sabbath as a result of the inadequacy to accommodate the Sabbath School division and the church members during the main service.

With careful counsel and deliberation, the church led by Pastor Daniel Skoretz, decided to build a new church and church school with an estimated cost for the building and land of $190,000.00. A canvass committee was appointed by the church in 1957, to lead out in a fundraising campaign. Three weeks from the date of organization, the Lord blessed the faith and works of the 250 church members and they pledged approximately $90,000.00. (Canadian Union Messenger, October 30, 1957) Edmonton Central Adventist Building Committee

On Sabbath, August 17, 1957, the church members laid a foundation stone at the corner of 111 Avenue and 102 Street which marked the beginning of what is now known as the Edmonton Central Seventh day Adventist Church located right here in the centre of Edmonton. In attendance at the foundation ceremony was the then Mayor of Edmonton, Honourable William Hawrelak. The Church which started with a handful of believers has grown over several decades to a congregation of over 500 members on record with an average of 300-350 in weekly attendance.

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